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Social Science homework help


1. Read Chapter 13: Religion and Education 2 Choose one of the topics below for your essay. 3. Write at least 250 words about this topic. Post your word count at the end of your essay. 4. Include APA citations and a reference to the textbook (no outside sources, please). 5. Save your essay as a Word document and click on the Title above to upload it before the close of the week on Sunday. After reading Chapter 13, please respond to ONE of the following options: Option 1 What objects that you regard as profane might others consider sacred, according to the definitions of profane and sacred in the chapter? What types of beliefs and/or rituals do you participate in that might be considered profane to others? Option 2 What elements of bureaucracy can you note from your experience in school (examples from elementary through college are fine)? What would you do to make it less bureaucratic? What subcultures have you noted in school?


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