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Social Science homework help


I need at least an A or B on this exam, (text books: The McDonaldization of Society 8th edition, chapters 1-4 and also Third Edition McDonaldization the Reader by George Ritzer, chapters 4&6, 7&25, 13&19 also 22&33, Thinking Critically questions.. Your Midterm Exam covers all the material assigned from the textbook and reader, as well as any supplemental materials assigned in Modules 1 to 4, and the activities. The exam is a combination of definitions, short-answer, and essay questions asking you to apply the course materials. You will have two hours to complete it. Your Midterm Exam counts for 20% of your final grade. Please note that for one of the questions, you will have to watch an NBC Learn video. Please make sure that you know how to access the site before you start taking the exam.


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