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Social Science: American Government


Social Science: American Government Graded Exam #1 Time limit: 1 hour Questions: 25 Points: 125 Topics: 1-3 (Chapters 1-3 in the text) This Exam is required: You must complete all graded exams in order to receive a final grade for this course. You have a limited amount of time to complete this Exam: This assessment is timed, the timer will start as soon as you click to open the exam. You must complete this assessment in one sitting. Once time has expired the assessment will submit itself automatically. You will see only one question at a time. Unauthorized materials or aids are not permitted during each Exam: Whether or not you are taking this Exam in a proctored environment, students are expected to adhere to this policy. For final exams, please refer to the Exam’s Permitted Material list to verify what materials are permitted during the exam. All graded non final examinations are open book. Below are the materials permitted: 1 sheet of 8 1/2 X 11 paper (front and back) of prepared notes Blank scratch paper A pen or pencil A calculator (for math and science courses requiring calculations only, please note what type of calculator [graphing vs. scientific] is permitted for your specific exam) Use of the following resources, services and aids during this exam is strictly prohibited by the StraighterLine Student Handbook: Additional texts or reference materials not listed within the course syllabus Search engines (Google.com, Ask.com, Yahoo Answers, etc.) Question and answer sites Study sites Tutoring Forums Chat applications Landline or cellular phones Or any other resources, services or websites not explicitly permitted in the exam detail spreadsheet or authorized by a StraighterLine staff member in writing Exam Review: After your exam is submitted, you will be able to review all questions from the exam and will receive overall feedback. By submitting your answers for this graded exam to StraighterLine, you confirm that this work is your own and that you are attempting this exam in accordance with the StraighterLine Academic Honesty Policy. Please note that this first assessment in this course may be retaken for a higher grade.


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