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Situational Analysis


The Marketing Report has two individual elements and the learning experience gained will contribute to your Reflective Overview. For a company of your choice (using secondary sources of data), you are required to write a Marketing Report in two phases. The first phase will consist of a situation analysis whilst the second phase will detail the objectives and strategies you recommend given your analysis in phase 1. The following sections provide details on both phase 1 and 2. Use the following report format: • Title • From: • To: • Date: 1. Terms of Reference (or Introduction) 2. Procedure (or Method) 3. Findings a. Section heading i. Sub heading (if required) 1. sub-point (if required) 4. Conclusion 5. Recommendations (if required) Both phases will be assessed using the following criteria 1. Depth of research, analysis, interpretation and discussion 2. Appropriate use of strategic Marketing frameworks 3. Physical presentation of the report Indicate the word count on the first page and include a bibliography at the end (Harvard system) of the document. The whole report should be 1.5 line spaced, written using font size 12, Arial, bound with a single staple at the top left hand corner, and referenced appropriately throughout. Marketing Report Phase 1 (Situation Analysis) With reference to a company of your choice and using appropriate strategic frameworks, you are required to produce a situation analysis, in report format. The analysis should include the following:  Competitor Analysis  Market Analysis  Environmental Analysis  Customer Analysis  Internal Analysis This phase should include a SWOT analysis and a summary of the key issues your chosen company faces. Phase 1 of the marketing report will constitute 10% of the overall module assessment mark and should be a maximum of 1000 words in length. You are advised to pay particular attention to the strategic frameworks/theories/tools available for conducting a situation analysis. Marketing Report Phase 2 (Objectives and Strategy Development) With reference to the same company, you are required to propose a set of objectives and identify, detail and justify the strategies and marketing programme that can be used to achieve those objectives. The Phase 2 report should include the following:  Marketing Objectives  Targeting and Positioning  Growth Strategies (if the objectives set refer to growth/improvement of current position)  Selection of Competitive Advantage  Marketing Mix Programme This second phase of the marketing report should conclude by briefly explaining how the proposed strategic choices are capable of exploiting and/or avoiding major issues identified in the situation analysis. Phase 2 of the marketing report will constitute 20% of the overall module assessment mark and should be a maximum of 2000 words in length.


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