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Should the Organizational Structure be Tall or Flat? Why?


Your team has been hired to consult the Board of Directors for a new Entertainment Organization. The organization provides family-based entertainment through television, movies, theme parks, and related merchandise. Disney and Nickelodeon are this organization’s main competitors. Your team needs to provide the Board of Directors a report on how it should structure the organization. The report will include the answers to the following questions: 1. Should the Organizational Structure be Tall or Flat? Why? 2. Should it be Departmentalized by Product, Function, Customer Group, Geographic Location, or Process? Why? 3. Which Organizational Model should be used: Line, Line-and-Staff, or Matrix-Style? Why? Use the information in Learning Activities 1 and 2 and in Chapter 8 of the Understanding Business text to help formulate the answers. It would also be a good idea to investigate the organization’s key competitors and see how they are structured. • Disney • Corporate Disney • Nickelodeon In your Team Discussion area, talk with your team members and agree who will be the team leader. The team leader will consolidate team input and upload it to the team’s Doc Sharing* folder by the end of Week 6. *In Doc Sharing, use the “Select View” pulldown menu and select your group, i.e. Group A. Post the consolidated assignment in this folder. Your team leader will divide the exercises evenly among teammates and post these assignments in the team discussion area.


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