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Service can be rendered to people


Service can be rendered to people 1. The study of guests is important because a. sometimes they do what you want and sometimes they don’t. b. managing guests is like making cars—you have to study them to understand them. c. guest-focused organizations have higher employee morale. d. it all starts with the guest. 2. Service can be rendered to people a. directly by person-to-person service encounters. b. directly by person-to-property service encounters. c. indirectly by high-tech service devices. d. all of the above. 3. The service product is a. the entire bundle of tangibles and intangibles provided by the service organization. b. only the tangible part of the service experience. c. only the intangible part of the service experience. d. the same thing as the service experience. 4. The moment of truth refers to a. the term used at Walt Disney World when a security guard suspects a guest of stealing. b. the moment when a chef receives a food order from a server. c. one single moment during a variety of interactions between the guest and the organization. d. a term used by Bruce Laval to describe a phase of guestology. 5. Which is more important in the service experience? a. the service product b. the service setting c. the service delivery system d. They all are important. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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