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Select, describe and defend a growth industry


Select, describe and defend a growth industry having issues on where to start this paper. It has the be 5 pages double spaced. Select, describe and defend a growth industry/market to focus on for your following Segmentation and Marketing Mix strategies (MMSs). This will be the first step in acting your executive role (see course syllabus for details). Research carefully the industry/market that you wish to target: It should be real, specific, and associated with enough available information to support your following assignments. The organization/offering can be US-based or Global/International, and there must be enough information available on all the MMS components (Product, Place, Promotion, and Pricing) related to your selected industry/market. The selected industry/market should be a level above a discrete brand, service or product line. Some examples for specific industry/market (and discrete product/service) are: home healthcare devices (medical alert bracelet, Insulin/Glucose pump/monitoring, etc.), non-alcoholic beverages (a brand of beer, punch, etc.) , kids clothing (Levi’s, Oshkosh, etc.), IT consultancy (change management, system integration, etc.).


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