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SEC/435 SEC435 SEC 435 WEEK 9 DISCUSSION Week 9 Discussion • 4 • 5 “Application Testing and Database Penetration” Please respond to the following: • Imagine that a systems administrator for a midsized company has recently noticed numerous odd characters in the log servers. Specifically, http “GET” and “POST” log entries within their externally facing IIS version 5 Web server. Discuss the use of the “GET” and “POST” commands and decide whether or not there are concerns with their presence on the externally facing web server. Next, provide your analysis of the most damaging attack (i.e. XSS, SQL Injection, CSS, and Race conditions) against Internet Information Services (IIS). Support your rationale. • Describe the most prominent signs that a database attack has occurred. Suggest the main steps that one would take to recover from such an attack. Next, propose one (1) strategy you would use to prevent such attacks. Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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