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SC 250 UNIT 6 DISCUSSION Unit 6: Unit 6: Science in the Backyard: Protecting Our Ecosystem – Discussion Topic: Alternative Fuels Vehicles have come a long way from the Model T in the early 1900s. Each year the car industry comes out with new styles and incorporates new technologies. In recent history, the automotive world has shifted its focus to fuel efficiency and the use of different fuel sources. As the world tries to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, the global community is looking toward a future with a completely new type of car. There are already hybrid cars on the roads today. What will the cars of the future run on? In this unit, you are going to do a little role-playing. Welcome to Kaplanville! Kaplanville is rethinking its strategy to encourage alternative fuel use. The city wants to develop a market and infrastructure to accelerate the number of citizens choosing alternative fuel vehicles. For this unit’s Discussion, you are going to be a citizen of Kaplanville. After conducting some research into different alternative fuels, you will vote for the one you believe will help guide the city in its efforts to support a better and cleaner future. Use the following sources on alternative fuels to get started: • Source: U.S. Department of Energy. (2012) Fuel economy. Retrieved fromhttp://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/current.shtml • Source: U.S. Department of Energy. (2012) Alternative fuels data center. Retrieved fromhttp://www.afdc.energy.gov/fuels/ Use your research to complete the following three components to this unit’s discussion: 1. Conduct research on at least three alternative fuels or alternative vehicles (i.e., propane fuel, hydrogen fuel, or hybrid vehicles) and post your findings, including the pros and cons of each fuel or vehicle type. 2. During the unit, you should interact with your classmates and debate how suitable you think these alternative fuel sources might be for the future of vehicle transportation and Kaplanville. 3. Later in the unit week, make a post that contains your vote for which alternative fuel source you believe Kaplanville should create a station for. Be sure to give a clear explanation for your choice. Be sure to review the Discussion Board Grading Rubric provided under course home. For help with citations, refer to the APA Quick Reference Guide . Use this reference when referring to your text: Trefil, J., & Hazen, R.M. (2013). The sciences: An integrated approach. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


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