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SBE 330 Week 4 Case Study


Homework 1. Read Case Study 7 and respond to question 2. 2. Read Case Study 9 and respond to question 1. 300 words for each question in separate file Your response should be at least one page long and conform to APA Version 6 standards. If you have questions about APA Version 6 standards, refer to the Syllabus for instructions about accessing an APA tutorial. Below is the grading rubric used for this case study: Criteria Points Case Study Submitted case study and addressed all questions asked in assignment. Each case study presents one or more questions for analysis and explanation. A quality response fully answers the question or questions asked. 25 points APA Standards Written response conforms to APA format (in-text citations and references as required, punctuation, headings, paraphrasing, seriation). At a minimum, focus on in-text citations, sentence punctuation, seriation rules, and reference list construction. You should list and cite the text, as appropriate, when responding to case study questions. 3 points Spelling and Grammar Submitted assignment was checked for spelling and grammar errors. 2 points


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