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Saint MGt441/ MGt441 Midterm Exam 2016


Question Question 1.1. Why are contracts renegotiated periodically? (Points : 2) To lead employees into believing that they are individually unable to influence a change in the conditions causing their dissatisfaction To lead employees into believing that changing jobs would improve conditions more than collective bargaining would To take into account changes in the economy and in society To take into account changing goals and objectives of the government Question 2.2. Who are responsible for making operational decisions for corporations? (Points : 2) Managers hired by the shareholders through their elected board of directors Shareholders Investors and directors of the company The managing directors and the partners of the company Question 3.3. __________ offers employees a method for countering employers’ powers to unilaterally change employment conditions. (Points : 2) Spillover Unionization Certification Picketing Question 4.4. While labor is somewhat mobile, with workers able to move between employers as opportunities occur, it is less mobile than __________. (Points : 2) shareholder wealth the company itself information financial capital Question 5.5. What led to a decline in the Knights of Labor’s membership in 1893? (Points : 2) The leaders’ short-run perspective of satisfying day-to-day grievances but ignoring long-term issues Differences in opinion between the leaders and the general membership of the union The leaders’ emphasis on the use of strikes rather than arbitration in the labor movement The conflict with the Roman Catholic Church over the rule that Catholics were prohibited from joining the Knights Question 6.6. Which of the following is a provision under the Norris-LaGuardia Act? (Points : 2) The act permitted the federal courts to issue injunctions against union activities The act did not allow federal employees to strike The act mandated that employers recognize a union of their employees The act forbade federal courts from enforcing yellow-dog contracts Question 7.7. Which of the following is true of the American Federation of Labor? (Points : 2) It advocated legislation only when it could not bargain successfully for its objectives. The leaders did not accept the economic system and aimed to replace it completely. It was a conglomeration of local unions rather than national-level unions. Membership was open to both skilled and unskilled workers. Question 8.8. The __________ removed unions from Sherman Act jurisdiction and limited the use of federal injunctions. (Points : 2) Norris-LaGuardia Act Taft-Hartley Act Landrum-Griffin Act Clayton Act Question 9.9. The Knights of Labor was initially in conflict with the Roman Catholic Church because: (Points : 2) it was a labor organization. its beliefs were inconsistent with Catholic dogma it was a secret society. it recognized the legitimacy of capitalism. Question 10.10. What is the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service directed to emphasize? (Points : 2) The encouragement of hot cargo clauses Services in contract negotiations Internal activities of employers covered by the Railway Labor Act The implementation of yellow-dog contracts Question 11.11. __________ regulates internal activities of employers and unions covered by both Taft- Hartley and the Railway Labor Act. (Points : 2) The Fair Labor Standards Act The Norris-LaGuardia Act The Landrum-Griffin Act Title VII of the Civil Service Reform Question 12.12. The __________ Act was enacted following the largest incidence and the most time lost from work due to strikes of any year in U.S. history. (Points : 2) Landrum-Griffin Norris-LaGuardia Railways Labor Taft-Hartley Question 13.13. In states that have right-to-work laws in place, __________ are banned. (Points : 2) mediation boards company unions agency shop clauses representation elections Question 14.14. Which of the following statements is true of stewar


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