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Saint LEO MGT441 Module 8 Final Exam (2016)


Question Module 8 final exam 1. Question : Many bargaining books are tied to __________ so that answers to “what if” questions can be quickly calculated. annual reports benchmarks spreadsheets industry averages Question 2. Question : Which of the following is a major purpose of a bargaining convention? To announce the outcome of contract negotiations To raise grassroots issues for inclusion in the bargaining agenda To make the management publicly commit itself to certain concessions To create a face-saving exit strategy for the union leadership Question 3. Question : __________ is an example of integrative bargaining in which the parties approach the negotiation with the idea that when it is concluded, both sides will have benefited. Distributive bargaining Mutual-gains bargaining Intraorganizational bargaining Attitudinal structuring Question 4. Question : __________ occurs when the parties disagree on an issue and when its settlement will involve a loss for one party and a gain for the other. Integrative bargaining Mutual-gains bargaining Distributive bargaining Attitudinal structuring Question 5. Question : Which of the following observations is true concerning distributive bargaining? It occurs when employers and unions accommodate each other’s needs without cost. It frequently involves employers’ desires to improve flexibility and unions’ desires for increased job security. It means some resource is in fixed supply, and one party’s gain of that resource is the other party’s loss. It occurs when employers and unions accommodate each other’s needs through simultaneous gains. Question 6. Question : Local unions hold __________ before contract negotiations to help determine local members’ commitment to bargaining issues in case a strike is called. revision meetings counsels membership meetings bargaining conventions Question 7. Question : Why is bargaining required? Because it has historically been a strict legal requirement Because there are no trade-offs involved in the process Because both the parties are facing a win-win situation Because the parties have a conflict of interest on issues that jointly affect them Question 8. Question : Which of the following bargaining units is associated with a high propensity to strike? Southern Urban Female-dominated Younger members Question 9. Question : Which type of strike involves unauthorized work stoppage during the contract? Economic Wildcat Sympathy Unfair labor practice Question 10. Question : Which of the following observations concerning multiple-use site picketing is true? It is easiest to picket a primary employer without disrupting secondary businesses. The struck employer has usually leased the site from another company that owns the multiple-use site. It is easy to legally picket a multiple-use site. The Supreme Court has held that passive picketing to inform the public about a dispute can interfere with other multiple-use sites. Question 11. Question : The propensities to strike are negatively related to __________. family employment stability blue-collar background integrative bargaining views the labor relations climate Question 12. Question : A(n) __________strike is called after a contract expires and usually after there is an impasse to pressure the employer to settle on the union’s terms. economic wildcat sympathy unfair labor practice Question 13. Question : Which of the following is not a result of a shutdown? Highly negative consequences for future labor relations Lost production revenues Competitors gearing up to take over the lost production Possible reduction in the struck company’s market share Question 14. Question : Relatively speaking, in __________ industries, unionized worker quality is lower than that of their nonunion counterparts. manufacturing medical agricultural service Question 15. Quest


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