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Rites are standardized and recurring activities


Rites are standardized and recurring activities True/False 1. Sagas are important because they are used to tell new members the real mission of the organization, how the organization operates, and how individuals can fit into the company. 2. Rites are standardized and recurring activities used at special times to influence the behaviors and understanding of organizational members; rituals are systems of rites. 3. Subcultures often arise from the type of technology deployed by the units, the specific function being performed, and the specific collection of specialists in the unit. 4. Often, the language of a subculture, and its rituals and rites, emerge from the group as a form of jargon. 5. A cultural artifact is any object, act, or event that serves to transmit cultural meaning. Economics Assignment Help, Economics Homework help, Economics Study Help, Economics Course Help


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