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Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ posts


Respond to colleagues who assumed roles different from the role you assumed. Be sure to respond from the perspective of the role you assumed in your initial post. You may, for example, ask questions to better understand your colleagues’ positions. If the responses your colleagues provide lead you to rethink your perspective, explain how and why your perspective has changed. Laquanda’s Post: As an administrator or dean at Rogal College, it is important for me to understand the curriculum that is currently in place and the goals of that curriculum in order to assume a role in the change. Based on the information that I explored through research, there is a need to integrate education in several ways. “The strategy of international partnerships in universities is built around the main strategic motivations and objectives the university is looking to achieve by implementing this strategy”(Ayoubi, 2006, p.380)The most significant way is integration of skills taught as well as the need to be able to think critically. Internationalization of education can be essential to integrating the curriculum especially since the students are already diverse culturally and ethically in the United States alone. Seemingly, the United States would get the most use out of internationalization of education because they are already a melting pot of people. Not to undermine the need for technical skills, but “linked to these critical-thinking skills is the development of emotional intelligence, one quality that has been identified as essential in leadership education (Stedman, et al, 2014 as cited in “Does a Professional Education Really Pay”) Therefore as the dean of Rogal College, I would encourage that all instructors implement assignments into their plans that would encourage students to think critically so as to utilize these skills. In this way they are obtaining practice in “how to think rather than what to think”(“Does a Professional Education Really Pay”, 2014, p.2) Document 8 of the case study seems to be a most reliable source as it is a well-rounded piece and examines both sides of obtaining a higher education. The source looks at the technical jobs as well as professional jobs and the educational requirements of both, and analyzes the job outcomes of both sides. Therefore, the news source suggests that there are pros and cons of obtaining an education from either one. However, when skill sets are developed a person simply has one option and that is in the skill sets in which they learned. However, a liberal arts education can give a person tools to advancement that can allow them to adjust to different skill sets because they have thinking ability to see things more than one way. The information that I am finding concerning higher education seems to be mounting as there are many different articles that are encouraging curriculum development on a more diverse level. As discussed in document 7, other countries are diversifying their curriculums through collaboration with other countries. According to Valentyna Kushnarenko (2010), “Internationalization of higher education has become a priority for many universities. It provides them with educational models that can respond efficiently to current issues and challenges of globalization” (p.ii) The research substantiates that there is a decline employees that are prepared and work ready, but the research also asserts that work ready does not simply possess a skill because many of the “employers are seeking graduates with not only a strong skill set in their field but graduates who also possess strong communication skills and an understanding of interconnectivity of global systems”(“News in Higher Education”, 2014, p.2) The reliability of the information found in this document lies in the sources that are used to validate the information that is asserted. These sources come fro


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