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Research Paper Chicano Topic Notes


Consider this assignment as a short research paper in essay format with in-text citations. Read the following questions, and, in your response, be sure to use ALL of the topic notes, readings and videos to support your ideas. For this extra credit assignment, you will write at least 750 words. Chicano Topic Notes Chicano Readings: AgitProp Theatre When Sleeping Giants Awaken America Los Vendidos Justice Chicano Theatre Videos As you watch the following video, consider how Chicano Theatre attempts to advocate la Causa and disrupt racial stereotypes and oppressions from dominant powers on Broadway and beyond with its plays. What are the various aesthetic tools they use to accomplish these objectives?Lastly, how effective do you think are these styles of theatre? West Side Story, “America”: West Side Story-America – YouTube This is Us! (Biography on Luis Valdez and Teatro Campesino): This Is Us! – Luis Valdez – YouTube Los Vendidos: Los Vendidos Play – YouTube


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