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Topic: Real Estate Investment for Retirement Reasons Purpose: To provide the knowledge to the people to invest in real estate for retirement reasons. 1. Introduction A person needs money for his future after his retirement. He has to make sure that he takes the correct decisions. Real estate investment would be one of the best alternatives to lead a good life in the future (Eldred, 2009). 2. Thesis: The paper shall help the people to understand the concept of real estate investment and will ensure that people invest a lot more in this particular area. 3. Body a. Real estate investing involves purchase, ownership, management, rental or sale of real estate by a person for the purpose of earning profits. b. This kind of investment does not have a lot of liquidity and requires a lot of capital. c. One can take the advantage of this kind of investment at the time of his retirement. d. The real estate assets have not seen a lot of downfall in the recent few years. e. In the case bad times also, real estate market is the quickest to recover. f. A person can purchase a property at the time he is doing any job. g. He can sell the same when he retires to ensure availability of money at the time of retirement. Till the time of retirement, the value of the properly would have appreciated. 4. Conclusion a. Real Estate investment is a very good investment alternative. b. Real estate assets appreciate over a period of time. c. People will get more benefits in comparison to investment in stocks as stocks are riskier. d. Real estate market is expected recover most quickly.


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