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Reading homework help


Was there any implied meaning in the text of your writing? Did you ever use emoticons or use all caps? In your written messages, how do you try to convey tone without nonverbal cues? In your spoken messages, how do you think you could have been clearer if those messages had been written? What connections can you make between your activities and the various functions of language and non-verbal communication discussed in Bevan and Sole (Sections 4.1 and 4.2)? How much time in a single day do you communicate with your phone, computer, or both? Why does this matter? Why should we pay special attention to our CMC? What function of nonverbal communication did your interactions illustrate? How important was nonverbal communication in all of your computer-mediated interactions? Or, how did the lack of nonverbal communication allow you to think about a function of nonverbal communication? What function of language did your interactions illustrate? How important was verbal communication? What advice from Bevan and Sole could be used to improve your computer-mediated-communication?


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