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Reading Homework Help Philosophy Intro to Ethics Hello, Philosophy Intro to Ethics HW I need one page of writing after reading the text I already uploaded in here, and read about the subject from out side resources, understand it then start writing about your idea. Please no copy or plagiarism. Read the details carefully and start writing. Also, if you get anyinfo from internet please post the resources. 1. What do you think is Huxley’s deeper point about searching for good in the modern world? What is Camus’ deeper point? Which of them do you agree with more? Why? 2. You’ve probably seen a sci-fi movie that questions the nature of reality like The Matrix, BladeRunner, Total Recall or Vanilla Sky. Robert Nozick’s “Experience Machine” story seems to make the argument what is good is not having experiences of a particular type (like experiences of happiness or satisfaction), but actually living out the experiences themselves. He seems to believe that there is something good about life, about living, that cannot be simulated. But what could this be?


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