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Racial Inequality


Racial Inequality You need only to do Part D. PART C IS HERE FOR REFERNCE. C: Constructing and Applying Solutions to the social problem ( Racial Inequality ) Solution: (How would we solve this? And why would it work?) create articles, spread it in the news make the public know about this problem. We can’t find a one solution for this problem. We need to tell the public to fight this huge problem in society. People will do as many solution they find to end this social issue once they know it will affect them in some ways. Combating racial discrimination at work as well while getting a job, today people faced there is not inequality between others for example, wages and treatment regarding race or ethnicity. We have to end this social problem by any ways we can do. 2. How would the panel transform the social problem into a public issue? By spreading the word. People must know that this problem may not affect them but may affect their children or other people so they should be willing to participate and try to end this problem. we should be careful with the children to didn’t let them know about what the adult people faced with inequality between person and other. Schools must teach that social problem. What would be an appropriate power base for the panel relative to getting acceptance of the panel’s solution recommendations? Social media, school, and news there are solutions and powerful to suppression all of the social problem’s not just for some reason. PART D: Implementing Sustained Solutions to the social problem (Which medium/s would be appropriate for implementing the panel’s solution?) A change in law or public policy? This medium is really important to end inequality for men and women wages and treatment regarding race or ethnicity. Putting pressure on the government to Implement new laws will definitely help in fighting this problem. A change in organizational or structural arrangement or operation of society or a segment of society? the medium/s would not be appropriate for implementing the panel’s solution. A change in the conditions in which the affected persons live? a change in the conditions like wages or a change in treatment will change the person who is affected of racism or unequal treatment for sure. By doing the solutions suggested in Part C race inequality will not affect people’s lives like now. A change in individuals? When people know about the problem and start to feel what other people going through that would help in the cause of fighting race inequality in society.


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