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Purpose of Interes


With a degree in interdisciplinary studies and Foreign Language, I consciously have developed a deeper understanding of the discipline as preparation for involvement in a variety of professions (including those in the public sector, private enterprise, or higher education) or further graduate study. In today’s world, there are many serious, global issues that are arising due to the failure of effective communications between nation to nation and region to region. This lack of cultural understanding is seen in affect concerning the migrant crisis that is occurring from people migrating from nations in the Middle East who are dealing with terrorist activity to nations in Europe. This crisis is causing a downfall for the future of the European Union as can be seen with its currency dropping month after month. This conflict has also extended into Turkey’s role in both the Middle East as well as Europe and the lack of communication between all three has led to problems for Turkey as its economy is slowly crumbling from a constant tug of war from both continents. This lack of effective communication is causing disastrous results and a lack of trust which is a very dangerous line to cross. The degree that I have obtained in Foreign Language and Communication will enable me to teach others about the significance of mutual understanding between cultures because if not understood properly, disastrous events can prosper as is noted in the latter. I amseeking to continually enhance communication and by carefully examing the idea of cultural globalization, development, integration of technology, research, and service to the community, and I believe that the human race can live harmoniously. In order to appreciate and understand a culture fully, the ability to open one’s mind to new horizons is essential. I have fortunately have been raised in a highly diverse household growing up, and I maintain the same diversity with my own children as my children understand their heritage but as they also do not forget the country they are living in I grew up in a xxx and xxxx household which has greatly opened my mind because as is evident, these two cultures differ in numerous aspects and often in characteristics that oppose one another such as a view on religion. However, these two cultures have shown me the value on family has no price. When I was growing up, I was mostly influenced by my father and grandparents on my father’s side. My grandparent had a bakery and I would spend countless hours with them helping in the shop and learning to bake. I learned the value of a strong family and caring for others. I would always give out cookies to underprivileged children in the neighborhood, and that made their day brighter. They enforced family values, along with my parents, but they taught me the “old” ways. We would talk and they’d tell me stories of our heritage, other family members and family history. Oh, what great times and stories I can remember.. My father taught me to be kind and how to run the business world (a world in which communication is key) He was a prestigious businessman and wanted me to follow his footsteps. He persuaded me to go to college for business and hospitality. I graduated from ____________ in xxxx with a bachelor degree in Hospitality. Studying abroad in my family’s land has allowed me to even more so become fully aware of cultural interaction. This was enhanced even more so by the chance I was given to be able to study the gypsies in Spain personally and up close. Gypsies have often had a negative image for as long as the group has been coined the “gypsies”. Again, we cannot assume off of what is said on a group without investigating the culture intimately and closely which is often why there is a breakdown of global communication. Simply having a translator does not suffice because each region has different values that must be respected mutually.


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