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PU/660 PU660 PU 660 Unit 8 Assignment


PU 660 Unit 8 Assignment PRECEDE-PROCEED Model Based on the review of global health epidemiological applications (methods), apply and analyze data to international public health programs to determine stability/instability of health and wellness of these countries. Select any one of your three countries used in an earlier assignment and determine a serious health issue that country struggles with. Using thePRECEDE-PROCEED model, design a model to promote health promotion for this public health issue. Final project Due by end of unit 9 week Based on the review of global health disparities across both inter/intra national countries, and using epidemiological analytical methods to infer the factors or causes for these public health disparities (such as historical and current factors of economic, sociopolitical, and cultural concerns), evaluate these strategies and methods to discern pandemic potential of those human diseases in the international community. Develop a PowerPoint presentation (addressing the country used in your Unit 2 assessment) on the potential for pandemic outbreak.Select a disease (or emerging infection) that could potentially become epidemic in that country or spread globally as a pandemic. Provide scholarly research to back up your assumption. There should be a maximum of 20 slides, along with ‘Notes’ narrative provided for each slide Health Care Assignment Help, Health Care Homework help, Health Care Study Help, Health Care Course Help


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