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PSYCH/500 PSYCH500 PSYCH 500 Week 4 Complete


PSYCH 500 Week 4 Complete Discussion 1.Describe changes in self-concept and self-esteem during adolescence? Discussion 2.Discuss factors related to adolescent depression and suicide, along with approaches for prevention and treatment. Individual Assignment – Similarities and Differences in Adolescent Development Consider the following: Is the experience of being an adolescent the same for males and females? Is it the same across different historical time periods or eras? What about across different cultures or subpopulations within a culture? This assignment involves exploring similarities and differences in one of these areas. Using the UOPX library, search for articles that address gender, historical, cultural, or sub-cultural differences in adolescence. Write a 1000-1500 word paper summarizing your findings. Your paper should include a brief introduction to the topic, a review of research findings, and a conclusion. Include at least four references from professional peer-reviewed journals. Format your paper according to APA standards. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


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