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PSYC 341 MODULE 8 EXAM 8 Question 1 In Rotter’s theory, the likelihood that a person will behave in a given manner depends basically on his or her Question 2 Unlike Skinner, Julian Rotter contended that an adequate theory of human behavior Question 3 Mischel suggests that one reason why our behavior tends to be inconsistent is that we Question 4 In Rotter’s general prediction formula, need potential is a function of Question 5 According to Rotter, reinforcement that satisfies a strong need generally Question 6 Mischel and Shoda’s cognitive-affective personality system predicts that a person’s behavior will Question 7 According to Mischel, behavior tends to be consistent in different situations to the extent that Question 8 Rotter’s empirical law of effect states that motivation is any condition or event that Question 9 Mischel’s chief argument with trait theory is that it Question 10 When reinforcement value is held constant and expectancy varies, what factor in Rotter’s theory can be predicted? Question 11 Mischel believes that perhaps the most stable of all person variables is Question 12 Rotter sees interpersonal trust as a Question 13 Mischel and colleagues (2001) tested the person-situation interaction by researching the conditional self-evaluation. They found: Question 14 Mischel is most likely to say that Question 15 Rotter’s concept of ______ allows for more generalized predictions than those permitted by the basic prediction formula. Question 16 Mischel and Shoda’s cognitive-affective personality system holds that Question 17 Rotter defined maladaptive behavior as behavior that Question 18 In Mischel and Shoda’s personality system, behavior is shaped by people’s specific cognitive and affective processes plus Question 19 Rotter stated that when expectancies and situational variables are held constant, behavior is shaped by Question 20 Rotter assumed that Question 21 By his own admission, Rotter was MOST influenced by Question 22 According to Rotter, need potential is highest under conditions of Question 23 Rotter’s Internal-External Control Scale is an attempt to Question 24 Scores on Rotter’s Internal-External Control Scale Question 25 According to Rotter, the behavior potential in any situation is a function of Question 26 To Kelly, our actions are shaped by Question 27 The fact that two people may see two different events in a similar fashion is explained by Kelly’s _______ corollary. Question 28 Kelly would agree with Adler Question 29 Personal constructs on Kelly’s repertory grid consist of two poles: Question 30 For Kelly, “any personal construction that is used repeatedly in spite of consistent invalidation” defines Question 31 The awareness of an immediate and basic change to our core structures is Kelly’s definition of Question 32 Kelly’s view of human nature was essentially Question 33 Kelly’s personal construct theory emphasizes the notion that Question 34 Kelly held that, generally speaking, people Question 35 According to Kelly, what results when incompatible constructs become intolerable and people’s construction system breaks down? Question 36 It is not what happens around us that make us experienced; it is successive construing and reconstruing that enriches our lives. This statement reflects Kelly’s ______ corollary. Question 37 People arrange their constructs to avoid conflicts and transcend contradictions. This illustrates Kelly’s ______ corollary. Question 38 Kelly called the transparent templates or patterns that help us make sense out of the world Question 39 Unlike Adler, Kelly pointed out that our interpretation of events receive meaning through Question 40 Personal constructs, according to Kelly, are Question 41 Kelly’s fragmentation corollary Question 42 Kelly believed that psychologically healthy people are similar to Question 43 Kelly’s organization corollary assumes which type of relationship among cons


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