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PSYC 305 WEEK 1 TEAM ASSIGNMENT Team Assignment Week 1 (20 points possible) Tasks and deliverables for the team assignment of Week 1 follow: • Determine team roles using the Team Roles document in Doc Sharing. Post in a document in your team threads and in the Team Assignment Dropbox. • Get to know your team members. In your team discussions or in a synchronous chat, find out some information that will help you all work together effectively and efficiently. The following are some examples, but feel free to ask your own questions. Team members can disclose whatever feels appropriate to them in light of needing to work closely with the team to produce regular Team Assignments of high quality. Remember that the more your team communicates, the better you will do and the easier it will be to earn full credit for each assignment. o What time works for you to join in live (synchronous) chats, under the live section in our course or other formats. o What is the best time to reach you via phone? o What is the best phone number to contact you at? o What program are you in? What year of college are you (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior)? o Are you currently working? At home or outside of the home? o What other obligations do you have (for example, primary caretaker for your children, siblings, or parents)? o Have you taken online courses before? o What are your goals for this course? • A brief summary of this information in a Word document is the main team deliverable for this week. It will be uploaded by each Team Member to the Week 1 Dropbox, and by the Team Leader to the Team Discussion Area.


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