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PSY/400 PSY400 PSY 400 Week 4 Complete


PSY 400 Week 4 Complete Discussion 1. What is the relationship between conformity and obedience? Discussion 2. Does power corrupt behavior? Explain your answer. Individual Assignment – Multicultural Experience Paper Identify a new (past experiences are not permitted) opportunity to experience a different cultural situation. Here are some examples: • Attend an event in a neighborhood you do not normally visit. • Eat at a restaurant that serves food you do not normally eat. • Attend a religious service for a religion you are not familiar with. Obtain faculty approval. Prepare a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you analyze the effect of group influence on the self. Address the following items: • Describe your experience. • Discuss your preconceived notions about the experience. Explain how your notions were affected by group influence. • Describe the reactions of individuals to your presence. Discuss the effect these reactions had on your behavior. Discuss the effect of the experience on your self. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. This paper may not be written in first person. As future counselors, the writing of patient notes must be in third person – this is great practice!


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