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PSY/315 PSY315 PSY 315 Week 2 Complete


PSY 315 Week 2 Complete Discussion 1. Offer a real-world example of how the mean, mode, median, and range each provide us with unique information about a data set. Discussion 2. What are some real-world situations in which you might use your knowledge of statistical probability? Be sure that you demonstrate your understanding of probability in your response. Learning Team Assignment – Research Proposal Resources: Assigned readings, Electronic Reserve Readings, the Internet, and other sources Prepare a 700- 1,050-word “Research Proposal.” Obtain instructor approval for your research issue, problem, or opportunity before completing your Research Proposal. Address the following items: ï‚· Research Question: Decide together on a research topic. Frame this topic as a research question to be answered. Be sure that you come up with a research question that can be later tested (in Week 4) with a simple, 2-group experiment). ï‚· Hypotheses: State the null and alternative hypotheses for your research question (HINT: look forward to Chapter 4 for coverage of null and alternative hypotheses). ï‚· Brief Literature Review: Conduct background research on your research topic. You will be generating fictitious data and analyzing that data during Week 4. You will need to do some background research so that your fictitious data is “reasonable.” You need to use at least 4 scholarly sources for this background research. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines using the following headings: Research Question and Hypotheses; Literature Review. Copy and Paste a copy of the Week 2 Learning Team Paper Grading Form (see Course Materials Section) at the end of your paper, just after the References Section. Submit to Assignments Section.


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