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PSY/315 PSY315 PSY 315 Week 1 Complete


PSY 315 Week 1 Complete Discussion 1. How would you define research? How might research help an organization save money? How do statistics relate to research? Offer specific examples. Discussion 2. Define what is meant by descriptive statistics. How might you use descriptive statistics at work? in your personal life? Be sure to demonstrate your understanding of the following terms in your answer: mean, mode, and median. Individual Assignment – Research, Statistics, and Psychology Paper Resources: Assigned readings, Electronic Reserve Readings, the Internet, and other sources Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you examine the role of research and statistics in the field of psychology. Address the following items: ï‚· Define research and the scientific method. ï‚· Compare and contrast the characteristics of primary and secondary data. Offer at least ONE specific example that clearly illustrates the distinction between primary and secondary data. ï‚· Explain the role of statistics in research. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Copy and paste a copy of the Week 1 Paper Grading Form (see Course Materials Forum) at the end of your paper (just after References). Submit to Assignments Section.


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