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Project Risk Assessment


Project Risk Assessment Full details and requirements, plus grading criteria, are in the Instruction document. Please make sure you use the RUBRIC in the instructional paper. It is very very important. As stated in the instructional paper “Using your team’s ITP WBS, develop and submit a project risk register in MS Excel” I have attached the Team’s ITP WBS you will be using for this project. The purpose of this projectis to develop a risk analysis and a risk register spreadsheet for the ITP project. This is an assessment of the potential risks that your project may run into in the future, and a plan for how to either prevent them or handle them if they do occur. By addressing project risks in advance, we can reduce risks, reduce the chance that risks will mature into problems, and reduce costs, and increase chances of project success. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you follow all instructions on the instructional papers. It is very important. AND USE THE RUBRIC!!!!!!!!


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