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Project Cost and Time Management (MGMT435-1603B-01) UNIT 1IP


Project Cost and Time Management (MGMT435-1603B-01) UNIT 1IP Just to be clear on the paper and what needs to be done here is the : Assignment Description Create the Work Breakdown Structure You are starting to create the project’s WBS, focusing on the CRM implementation. Using the library, create a WBS for this part of the project, being sure to define the phases and the deliverables created in each phase. Choosing 1 deliverable, define the activities needed to create that deliverable. Also, define the dependencies between each of the activities. Use Microsoft Project to document the project’s WBS. Include a brief but specific appraisal of the usage of Microsoft Project as a tool for estimation and how this technology assists in project planning. Additionally, prepare a document with instructions as to the appropriate view to communicate the WBS to Ben and his team. Please refer to the following multimedia course material(s): Unit 1: Work Breakdown Structure Unit 1: Foundations for Effective Project Unit 1: Project Schedule Defined Unit 1: FAQ: Activities & PM and this is the scenerio hope this makes things more clear: You are working with your team leads to create the project schedule. You are very concerned about the intersections between the teams, so you all are starting with the major milestones and working backward from the new product launch. Sales of the new product are going to start in 9 months and the new CRM system needs to be in place 6 weeks prior so the sales force can get their customer and prospect information entered in time for the big marketing mailing going out 3 weeks prior to the product being available. You have one team working on the marketing program (and the mailing is just one of their deliverables); this team is being led by Jennifer from marketing. You also have another team working on the CRM implementation being led by Ben from IT. The two teams will intersect at the sales force training on the new system, the new product, and the new marketing program. After talking with the sponsor and customers, it was determined that the training approach would be holistic; the marketing process would be taught using the new system—not two separate classes, but one integrated class. Instructors will come from both the IT and the marketing teams. You are unsure which team leader should be responsible for training; it will depend upon the resources and dependencies.


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