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Product Development



Product Development Pick one of the companies you have read about or imagine you own a company and identify three product ideas that the company could develop. • Use the three creativity techniques as identified in your textbook and summarize how you applied each of the techniques. • Apply the product development stages to formulate a final product concept (choose one of the three). • Illustrate the actions taken and your rationale for selecting the final product idea. Keep in mind the importance of demographics and the current economic conditions when writing about your decision. • Develop at least two alternatives for the use of e-commerce for the actual commercialization of your final product idea. The report should include at least four academic scholarly reference materials (besides the textbook). Scholarly references should be derived from the electronic library data bases located in the Resource Center tab at the bottom left side of the course shell. Reports should be produced using APA 5th edition format for both text and references. Upload your completed document in MSWord to e-companion in the “Learning Assessment #2: Creativity” drop box for week Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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