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Principal of Management: Personal Philosophy “Controlling” 2 pages


Principal of Management: Personal Philosophy “Controlling” 2 pages Specifically, students will focus on a personal understanding of these lessons and how those have impacted who the student will become as a manger. **Since I am not currently in a leadership/management role then paper should be based on what kind of manager do I want to be** Students must show evidence of having cited research from the course textbook and “scholarly sources”. Textbook:Griffin, R. W. (2016). Fundamentals of management (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning), Reflection Papers: 1) Papers should focus on the concept (“controlling: Monitoring and correcting ongoing activities to facilitate goal attainment.”) 1 page 2)Include personal impact on the student management philosophy for 1 page, for a total of 2 pages per reflection paper. I. Controlling (approximately two pages) 1. Concept of controlling (1 page) 2. Personal impact (1 page) IV. References (in APA format) In each section students should find a balance between explaining the concept of controlling with scholarly research and reflection on the personal impact on their own style and philosophy of management. The personal reflection should also include lessons learned from the peer articles.


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