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primary purpose of a firewall


primary purpose of a firewall 1. An organization wants to prevent SQL and script injection attacks on its Internet web application. The organization should implement a/an: a. Intrusion detection system b. Firewall c. Application firewall d. SSL certificate 2. A defense-in-depth strategy for anti-malware is recommended because: a. There are many malware attack vectors b. Anti-virus software is often troublesome on end user workstations c. Malware can hide in SSL transmissions d. Users can defeat anti-malware on their workstations 3. The primary advantage of the use of workstation-based anti-virus is: a. Virus signature updates can be performed less often b. Virus signature updates can be performed more often c. The user can control its configuration d. This approach can defend against most, if not all, attack vectors 4. The primary purpose of a firewall is: a. To protect a server from malicious traffic b. To block malicious code c. To control traffic between networks d. To create a DMZ network 5. The following are valid reasons to reduce the level of privilege for workstation users EXCEPT: a. Decreased support costs because users are unable to change system configurations b. Decreased need for whole disk encryption c. Decreased impact from malware d. Increased security because users are unable to tamper with security controls Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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