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Predict leader or organizational outcomes


Predict leader or organizational outcomes 1. When using the leadership grid, results are plotted on a nine-position grid that places concern for __________ on the vertical axis and concern for __________ on the horizontal axis. a) structure; performance. b) people … production. c) task orientation …human relations. d) initiating structure … consideration. e) financial performance … people. 2. Which of the following does NOT provide an accurate description of leadership styles in the Blake and Mouton leadership grid? a) a 1/1 manager is termed team management. b) a 1/9 manager has minimum concern for production and maximum concern for people. c) a 5/5 manager is a middle of the road manager. d) a 9/1 manager has maximum concern for production and minimum concern for people. e) a 9/9 manager has a maximum concern for both people and production. 3. Some work in the United States, Britain, Hong Kong and Japan show that leadership behaviors _________________. a) are the same in all four countries. b) are not important. c) must be carried out in different ways in alternative cultures. d) must be carried out the same ways in different cultures. e) change consistently by country. 4. Leader traits and behaviors can act in conjunction with __________ to predict leader or organizational outcomes. a) industry experience. b) educational background. c) leadership experience. d) age. e) situational contingencies. 5. Which of the following statements is incorrect with regard to situational leadership theories? a) leader flexibility should be the most predictive in stable environments or when leaders lead the same people over time. b) prosocial power motivation is likely to be most important in complex organizations where decision implementation requires lots of persuasion and social influence. c) an example of a strong situation is a highly formal organization with lots of rules and procedures. d) leader traits and behaviors will have less impact in a strong situation than in a weak, unstructured situation. e) the effects of traits are enhanced by their relevance to the leader’s situational contingencies. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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