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PPTon Recruitment and Employee Hiring


Apple ” Mac ” , Mcdonald , Starbuks , Walmart IBM 20 slides required You will research a company that has adopted effective sourcing, selection, or new employee orientation practices. Requirements 1. Begin by researching companies that have developed world-class practices in any area related to hiring and new employee orientation. For example: • Sourcing • Use of technology to manage the process • Using competencies to define need capabilities • Managing team interviewing • Use of testing in the screening process • Measuring staffing effectiveness • Topics not approved for this presentation: Engagement and retention unless it is around brand new hires and onBoarding 2. The best practice approach may be in any industry/business type but cannot be from your own organization. 3. Obtain approval from the instructor for the company, focus area and best practice example. (no repeat companies). 4. Prepare a presentation to outline the best practice that includes: • A brief explanation of what the company does • Explain what it did that is considered best practice and why it is a world-class approach • Outline what they did, in a step-by-step manner • Explain the results of their efforts 5. Provide examples of their tools, etc. to illustrate the best practice approach, where possible. 6. Be aware that your grade also depends on having effective slides/visuals, and delivering a well-researched and rehearsed presentation


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