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PPT ON Porter’s Five Force Analysis


Healthcare: Pfizer” • Industry Analysis– include an assessment of Porter’s driving forces along with a few key performance statistics. you don’t need to include everything listed in the appendix. 1. Cross-sectional industry performance 2. Industry performance over time 3. Performance of the company within an industry 4. Different in industry risk 5. Summary of research on industry analysis 6. Industry analysis process *The business cycle industry sectors 1- inflation 2- interest rates 3- international economics 4- consumer sentiment *structural economic changes and industry 1- demographics 2- lifestyles 3- technology 4- politics and regulations *Evaluating the industry life cycle • Company Analysis – include a SWOT analysis and an estimate of your company’s intrinsic value please I need power point presentation total 7 slides and a summary 2 page long about the presentation about industry Analysis and Company Analysis. ________________________________________


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