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POS433/ POS/433/ POS 433 Week 4 Assignment


POS 433 Week 4 Assignment Assignment Preparation: Activities include completing the SkillSoft course, independent student reading, and research. Complete the SkillSoft course, “Working with UNIX Programs.” Assignment: Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Systems Administration Scripting Log located on the student website. University of Phoenix Material Systems Administration Scripting Log To: From: Date: As you complete each of the following steps, keep track of what occurs at each point, including what you type, the output given, and any errors experienced. Submit this information in a log to your instructor for this week’s assignment. Your log can use the sample format provided, or you can create your own. 1. In the same folder as last week, create a new file titled week4prog1[name].scr. 2. Change the permissions on this new file to add the execute bit for user, group, and owner. 3. Run the following script: a. #!/bin/bash b. count=1 c. echo “start of the program” d. while [ $count -le 10 ] e. do 1) echo “Loop #$count” 2) sleep 10 3) count=$[ count + 1 ] f. done g. echo “end of the program 4. Modify the program to add a trap for SIGINT and SIGTERM. 5. Save the script and then run the script in the background. 6. Use the jobs command to display a list of the jobs currently running. 7. Find the process id of the script and kill the job. 8. Check to see if you get the trap message. 9. Run the script again using the at command to schedule the job in the future. Wait for the job to run to make sure it executes.


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