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Policy Paper One: Problem Statement


Policy Paper One: Problem Statement Policy Paper One must do the following: Identify your client or boss Describe Oregon state by identifying: 1) the population of the state , 2) the general political orientation of the state as indicated by party registration(available through the Secretary of State website or the Bluebook), and 3) your local state legislators and their party affiliation. Identify the party membership of the state House and state Senate. Identify a real problem, issue, or opportunity facing Oregon state and establish how that issue connects to your client/boss. Present an overview of the facts on the issue’s origins and effects on your state. Use specific facts and statistics. Be sure you describe the facts and the political dynamics of the issue, and how they may connect to your home community or state. Use the standard memo format: To: (Your boss, his or her title) From: (you) Re: (The topic of the research) Date: (date)


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