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POLI 330 WEEK 7 CHECK POINTS Week 7 Check Points 1. Question : Match the correct vocabulary to the definition. Student Answer: : Structural adjustment programs (SAPs) 1 : Economies that remain most closely tied to the free market. : The European Union 2 : The World Trade Organization : International Treaties 3 : An economic and political treaty between many Western and Eastern European countries. : NATO 4 : Governments in which the people and the government are connected in terms of both the input and output of government. : NAFTA 5 : The European Union, another example of an economic trade agreement. : WTO 6 : Policies enacted by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) for loaning money to developing countries. : EU 7 : North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a security agreement that unites member states for the purpose of mutual security. : Laissez-Faire Economy 8 : Economies where the government owns many social services and heavily regulates private industry. : Corporatist Economy 9 : North American Free Trade Agreement, which united Canada, the U.S. and Mexico for economic security. : Social-democratic Economy 10 : Economies that have strong centralized governments attempting to balance income distribution and market concerns between the democratic population and the private sector.


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