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POLI 330 WEEK 5 CHECK POINTS Week 5 Check Points 1. Question : Match the correct vocabulary to the definition. Student Answer: : Electorate 1 : A system in which executive-legislative relations operate as follows: (1) executives and legislatures are elected in distinct, separate elections for fixed terms of office; (2) executives cannot be removed by votes of no confidence; and (3) executive power is separated from legislative power. : Interest groups 2 : Under this rule, parties receive a percentage of offices based on the percentage of votes received in an election. : Political parties 3 : A system in which (1) legislatures select executive leadership; (2) executives can be removed by votes of no confidence, and new elections may be necessitated; and (3) executive and legislative powers are combined in order to forge a working partnership between the two branches of government. : Proportional representation 4 : The pool of eligible voters. : Single-member plurality (SMP) 5 : Political parties other than the two major (Republican and Democrat) parties. : Single-transferable vote (STV) 6 : Groups of individuals and/or institutions united by shared opinions or interests and organized together in an effort to influence political outcomes. : Third parties 7 : Under this rule, voters can rank candidates on the ballot as first, second, third, and so on choices and when all votes are counted, second, third, and so on choices are taken into account to reward candidates other than first-place winners. : Constructive vote of no confidence 8 : A vote of no confidence from a country’s legislature that must also be accompanied by agreement on a replacement for the head of state. : Parliamentary system 9 : Under these rules, the winner of an election is the candidate who receives more votes than anyone else. : Presidential system 10 : Organizations that put forward proposed leaders whom they support for official positions in government.


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