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POLI 330 WEEK 3 CHECK POINTS Week 3 Check Points 1. Question : Match the correct vocabulary to the definition. Student Answer: : Classic liberals 1 : A modified form of liberalism that emphasizes interventionist government and expansive liberty. : Conservative 2 : Ideology that argues that socialists should organize their struggle against capitalism by creating a vanguard party to lead the revolution against capitalism. : Interventionist government 3 : Those who favor traditional morality over individual liberty. : Libertarians 4 : An ideology that believes government is at its best when government is totalitarian. : Marxist-Leninist 5 : A mix of classical liberalism and traditional conservatism that favors small government and thriving capitalism. : Modern liberalism 6 : Government that takes a role in regulating economic and social interactions. : Social democrats 7 : Those who support peaceful, legal efforts to work toward socialism, and believe in multiparty competition and civil liberties. : Socialism 8 : An ideology arguing that citizens are best served by policies focused on meeting the basic needs of the entire society rather than on serving the needs of individuals as individuals. : Traditional conservatives 9 : Those who favor strict limits on state action. : Fascism 10 : Those who ideologies are based on the works of John Locke and Adam Smith.


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