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POLI 330 WEEK 2 CHECK POINTS Week 2 Check Points 1. Question : Match the correct vocabulary to the definition. Student Answer: : Confederal 1 : A group of people with a sense of unity based on the importance the group attributes to a shared trait, attribute, or custom. : Exchange 2 : A type of power involving incentives, in which one agent gives another agent an item in return for another item. : Federal states 3 : A type of organization with power decentralized and held primarily or exclusively by local offices. : Force 4 : The ability of a state to provide security, extract, and make rules. : Legitimacy 5 : A physical exercise of power. : Manipulation 6 : States that create different divisions and levels of government and divide power among those divisions and levels. : Nation 7 : The attribute states possess when their citizens view their sovereignty as appropriate, proper, or acceptable. : Persuasion 8 : A nonphysical type of power in which the agent using power makes its intentions and desires known to the agent over whom power is exercised. : Sovereignty 9 : States that concentrate power at the central or national level. : Unitary states 10 : A nonphysical use of power in which the agent exercising power over a second agent conceals the aims and intentions motivating the exercise of power.


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