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POL/443 POL443 POL 443 Week 4 Opposition Evaluation Presentation


POL 443 Week 4 Opposition Evaluation Presentation Learning Team Assignment – Opposition Evaluation Presentation Post Week 4 Team Goals prominently in the Team Forum. Post a review of the article by N. Malhorta (2007) Racial Representation and U.S. Senate Apportionment found in your Electronic Readings for Week 4. In your review explain how the article relates to the Course Objectives for Week 4. Select one interest group and one minority group—minority defined by low representation or lack of authority. (Total of two groups). They should have opposing positions and strategies. Obtain approval for your selected interest group and minority group before you begin to write, preferably by Thursday. Create an 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation. This slide count does not include title and reference slides. Identify your interest group and separately your minority group. Make sure they each have strong positions on your selected public policy issue. Describe fully their influence and challenges as they would be viewed by the group theories of pluralism, state autonomy, and elitism. Include the following items in your assessment of those influences and challenges: •Select a contemporary public policy issue that has polarizing viewpoints, such as environmental policy, taxation and income redistribution, same-sex marriage, worker’s rights, immigration, and so on. Obtain approval of your public policy issue first. •Using your interest group and minority group positions and strategies, discuss how politically powerful groups compete in policy decisions and debate issues. You could examine environmentalists versus big business or alternate energy sources versus more oil drilling. •Provide your assessment of whether or not the opposition you described has contributed to a healthy debate. Consider the following questions: O Has the opposition moved toward consensus or polarization in public opinion? O Are either or both leaving the national interest aside in favor of pursuing their own? O What is your conclusion about the best answer to the issue? •Evaluate theoretical perspectives, such as pluralism, state autonomy, or elitism, and explain factionalism in support of and opposition to your issue. Additional requirements and instructions for this assignment are included in the POL 443 Week 4 Team Grading Guide (rubric) posted in our Course Materials Forum. Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines. List a minimum of five peer-reviewed sources in your References in addition to the inclusion of a course text.


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