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POL/443 POL443 POL 443 Week 3 Public Policies Influences Paper


POL 443 Week 3 Public Policies Influences Paper Learning Team Assignment – Public Policies Influences Paper Post Team Goals for Week 3 prominently in the Team Forum. All team members should support these goals. Post a review of the article by Robert Hall, Society’s Basic Structure of Influence is Changing, found in your Electronic Readings for Week 3. In your review, explain how the article relates to the Course Objectives for Week 3. Attach your review to your Assignments Tab and post a copy prominently in your Team Forum. Use your analysis and conclusions from your introductory paper from Week Two: Your team is functioning as a think tank to analyze the positions on the issues and relationships, and you must do the following: First submit your premise to me by Thursday 5 PM Eastern Time. Write a 2,100- to 2,450-word paper, including the following elements: •Include the analysis and conclusions from your Public Policy Issues Paper written in Week Two. Do not include the entire paper. •Compare the advantages the social and political forces have over political parties and individuals in influencing public policy. •Explain how the issue networks surrounding these issues function. Then, describe how they influence public policy regarding these issues. (identify political strategies) •Identify the force with the highest distribution of power over the issues and provide an explanation for it. •Consider who else has power over the issues. Provide examples. •Provide a comparative analysis of your findings, addressing the following: (You are comparing social and political forces with political parties.) O Do your findings indicate that the groups operate similarly across different policy issues? O How do differences in resources affect the effectiveness of groups in question? O Is there specific competition, in terms of resources and ideology, between groups representing the issues? O If there is competition, is the result healthy debate or policy gridlock? O This should be a well developed and integrated essay. Avoid explaining the above instructions as a series of questions and answers. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Use at least 5 peer reviewed sources found in an academic library for this paper. If you include a course text then you need to list 6 references. Do not use encyclopedias or dictionaries. Additional requirements and instructions for this assignment are included in the POL 443 Week 3 Team Grading Guide (rubric) posted in our Course Materials Forum.


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