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POL/443 POL443 POL 443 Week 2 Complete


POL 443 Week 2 Complete Discussion 1.Do you think an individual with limited power may have enough influence to bring change? Support your answer with two examples. Provide additional support with your own reasoning and the reasoning of political scientists and other specialists. Discussion 2.What purpose do issue networks serve? Provide an example of an issue network (not an issue group) and an influence it has on public policy. What is your opinion of this influence? Learning Team Assignment – Public Policy Issues Paper Your team is functioning as a think tank to analyze the positions on issues and relationships. You must do the following: •Select two national public policy issues. The issues must be actively engaged by at least two of these social and political forces: O Corporate community o Economic class o Labor coalition o Elements of policy-planning network o Special interest groups o Political action committees •Select public policy issues that have current legislation before Congress or are being promoted for legislation. •Select policy issues that have some degree of interrelationship so you can do comparative analysis. State the specific interrelationship between them in your paper. •Obtain my approval of your selection of two public policy issues and two social and political forces before you begin writing, preferably by Thursday. •Write a 350- to 700-word paper that does the following: O Provide a brief concise summary of the issues. O Provide a concise analysis of how these forces shape the public’s values and influence them. (how they actually influence them rather than how they claim to influence them). Be prepared to provide empirical evidence in Week 3. •Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Include an introductory paragraph with a stated topic and a stated premise which you will analyze in the rest of your paper. •Clearly identify your two public policy issues and your two social or political forces in your Introduction. Identify the current legislation, bill or other effort to produce legislation with which the two issues are related. •Additional requirements and instructions for this Week 2 Team Assignment are presented in the POL 443 Week 2 Team Grading Guide (rubric) posted in our Course Materials Forum. Please review those and include them in your essay.


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