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POL/443 POL443 POL 443 Week 1 Complete


POL 443 Week 1 Complete Discussion 1. Do you think the checks and balances set forth in the Constitution are still valid as a method of controlling government? Are they working appropriately? Discussion 2.Do you think our country is better off when one party controls multiple branches of government? Why or why not? Individual Assignment – Representation of Interests Matrix and Paper Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Representation of Interests Matrix located on the student website. Submit two separate documents: 1. Matrix, and 2. Essay. Make sure you choose specific public policy issues currently discussed nationally, ie. racial quotas rather than racial discrimination. Analyze three or four of the organizations you identify in your Matrix in your Essay. The Essay should discuss and analysis the specific organizations you identified in the Matrix. Write a 700- to 1,050-word reflective paper that addresses the following questions: •How well do the identified organizations represent those national public policy interests? •What means do these groups or organizations use to represent those national public policy interests? ( political strategies) •Are there any instances in which your national public policy interests compete with one another? •Make conclusions about the influence of class and wealth on public policy making after presenting evidence of it. •Conceptualize the link between representation of policy interests in the U.S. and the action of political/social forces. •All interests and organizations should be on the national level. Identify your public policy interests with some current legislation under discussion in the national arena or already in a bill before Congress. Identify your interest by its official name used in political and official discourse. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Additional requirements and instructions for this Week 1 Assignment are presented in the POL 443 Week 1 Grading Guide (rubric) posted in our Course Materials Forum. Submit the matrix and paper together via the Assignments Tab.


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