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PM 586 PM/586 Final Exam


PM 586 PM/586 Final Exam Which of the following would be the first item to be discussed in the initial kickoff meeting for a project? A. Understanding of the requirements B. Understanding of the plan C. Understanding of the schedule D. Understanding of the budget 2) Scope creep is generally the result of: A. Having too many levels in the WBS B. Poorly defined SOW C. Too much detail in the specifications D. Having the wrong people assigned to the project 3) A project manager desires a work breakdown structure that goes through 6 levels of detail. Level 3 through level 6 would most likely be prepared by: A. Project sponsor B. Project manager C. Subject matter experts D. Customer 4) What is the project sponsor’s responsibility with regard to the WBS preparation? A. Make sure all work packages are well-defined. B. Make sure that the management levels of the WBS are correct. C. Make sure that the technical levels of the WBS are correct. D. The sponsor should not be involved in WBS development. 5) Which of the following standard project estimating techniques is usually accomplished in weeks? A. Parametric B. Analogy C. Engineering D. Grassroots 6) Pricing out the construction cost of a home by a cost per square foot would be representative of a(n) _____ estimate. A. Parametric B. Analogy C. Engineering D. Grassroots 7) The two primary components of a risk are: A. The event and the probability B. The probability and the impact C. The impact and the event D. The impact and the amount at stake 8) Risk constitutes a lack of knowledge _____. A. Of future events B. About the environment C. About the estimates D. About the customer’s requirements 9) Which of the following is often overlooked when planning and budgeting a project? A. Customer’s milestones B. Cost and size of contractual documentation C. Number of meetings with the customer D. Timing of the deliverables 10) Plans such as the cost plan, schedule plan and quality plan are referred to as: A. Integration plans B. Specialized plans C. Functional plans D. Subsidiary plans 11) In which project life cycle phase does quality begin? A. Initiation / planning B. Implementation C. Monitoring & control D. Closure 12) The collective term for the formal quality activities and processes is called: A. Quality control B. Quality assurance C. Quality policies D. Quality visions 13) If the schedule variance is positive and the cost variance is negative, the project’s status is: A. Over budget and behind schedule B. Over budget and ahead of schedule C. Under budget and behind schedule D. Under budget and ahead of schedule 14) The EVMS term that represents the value of work actually accomplished is: A. PV B. EV C. AC D. BAC 15) In a strong matrix structure, employees take daily direction from: A. Project manager only B. Functional manager only C. Both, but the project manager has greater influence D. Both, but the functional manager has greater influence 16) Which of the following people has the greatest influence on how much authority a project manager will possess on a given project? A. The customer B. The project sponsor C. The project manager’s line manager D. The project manager himself / herself 17) The best source of revenue for a customer-requested scope change is: A. A customer-funded contract amendment B. Manag


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