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PLA/4522 PLA4522 PLA 4522 UNIT 2 Assignment Chapter 11 Review Questions


PLA 4522 UNIT 2 Assignment Chapter 11 Review Questions 1. Describe two functional ways in which human resources (HR) can be viewed. 2. Provide one reason why HR is slow to become an effective strategic business partner within an organization. What must HR do to become one? 3. What has happened to the social contract between an organization and its workforce? What is the general feeling of employees with regard to their employers? 4. Why do too many employees lack the motivation to contribute their knowledge to their employer? 5. Every year the American health industry hires more than three hundred thousand employees externally. What is the rule of thumb as to how many additional people learn about that employer? What branding opportunity does it present? Chapter 12 Review Questions 1. Can employers penalize their employees for smoking or obesity under any circumstances? 2. What federal laws regulate employer scrutiny of employees’ smoking habits or weight? 3. What constitutes a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? 4. When may an employer require a medical exam or other inquiry as to an employee’s disability under the ADA? 5. Does an employer’s discrimination against smoking or obesity violate privacy interests? Why or why not? Chapter 14 Review Questions 1. What are the current working conditions for primary care physicians? What has been the result? 2. What is the intent of integrated health systems? Are they straightforward or difficult to accomplish and why? 3. Describe the dichotomous needs that any global company, including health care companies, must balance. 4. Why is a diversification strategy generally needed when implementing an integration strategy? 5. Why do some patients go to developing countries for health care? Is it safe to do so? Chapter 16 Review Questions 1. As health care systems come under greater pressure to reduce costs, what functions are sent offshore with increasing frequency? 2. Why is there a growing desire among producers of medical products to conduct their clinical research in India? 3. What clauses should companies involved in outsourcing offshore incorporate into their BPO contracts? 4. Which is more efficient, a captive organization or a BPO provider specializing in integration and outsourcing? 5. As the U.S. health industry struggles to restructure the delivery of existing medical services, what new opportunities will be revealed? To what will that likely lead?


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