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PHI 370 MODULE 4 ASSIGNMENT 4 Respond in essay form to the two (2) questions below. Responses to these questions are expected to be well developed and reasonably detailed essays. Your answers should be at least three (3) double-spaced typewritten pages each. Be sure to answer all parts of multipart questions. Your answers should clearly demonstrate your understanding of the assigned readings and any Web sites that may be assigned. Refer primarily to these materials for your answers, but also complement this information, when necessary, with material from other print or online sources. Do not merely copy answers from your sources, but when you make use of such material, be sure you cite it properly (i.e., with footnotes or endnotes). 1.What are the two streams of liberation theology and how does each evaluate popular religion? Do you believe that genuine economic and social justice is easier to achieve without the aid of popular religion? Why or why not? 2.Read and view the following Web sites on the Golden Rule: –.youtube.com/watch?v=SJMm4RAwVLo”>2008 TED Prize Wish: Charter for Compassion, a video of a talk about the Golden Rule by Karen Armstrong –.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethic_of_reciprocity”>Ethic of Reciprocity, an article about the Golden Rule, or the ethic of reciprocity –.religioustolerance.org/reciproc.htm”>Shared Belief in the “Golden Rule” (a.k.a. Ethics of Reciprocity), an essay about the Golden Rule Evaluate Armstrong’s claim that compassion is the core teaching of all religions. Give examples from five different religions of the framing of the Golden Rule including an Eastern and a native tradition and tell how it relates to the virtue of compassion. What does the principle of the Golden Rule tell us about notions of person and society, self and other? Is the Golden Rule supported or contradicted by contemporary evolutionary biology?


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