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These are the instructions as per syllabus Personal Development Plan-For this paper each student should identify the actions he/she plans to take in order to develop his/her skills according to the theories discussed in this course. 1) This was a field work class. My internship was done at a public relations company where we educated individuals to make healthier eating choices.We introduce new brands to the market and represented the brand at events and supermarkets 2) I will attach a template of personal development plan so that you can know a few things about me. i will also submit a friends essay who took this class last semester and can be used as sample. 3) This professor will look for every sentence in the internet if he suspect for plagiarism and has no sympathy failing students. 4) My major is health science and will continue to a physician assistant master program. 5) i Have a passion for the medical field and desire to accomplish my goals as a PA Please dont hesitate to contact me if any questions Comments from Support Team: If you didn’t write my previous paper please take a took to use the same “language” of the paper. Professor may suspect something if the form of expressing differs. Please read my friends paper for sample No need to fill out the template. Just write the essay using info from it.


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