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Performance Bonuses


This is academic essay which the references should be academic and the references based on Harvard style. I need to be written in British English . 1,100 words References is from books and general articles (at least 8 references) use new References which start from year 2000 and more. The required format is academic essay which includes introduction, bodies and conclusion. Q: Subsequent to the Global Financial Crises attention has been drawn to the remuneration of the senior management and executive directors of publicly listed companies. Of particular concern is the proportion of total remuneration which is comprised of performance bonuses. The forms of these performance bonuses vary but can include, for example, cash bonuses and the issuing of shares. There have been calls worldwide from a variety of sources to introduce regulation that would prohibit the payment of performance bonuses to senior managers and executive directors. Required: You are required to prepare a report that: (a)Evaluates the theoretical justification/justifications for the use of performance bonuses as a device to remunerate senior managers and executive directors. (b)Analyses the potential problems with respect to financial accounting and reporting that can arise as a consequence of using performance bonuses to remunerate senior managers and executive directors. (c)States and justifies your view as to whether performance bonuses should form part of the remuneration of senior managers and executive directors.


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